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RSVP Program Director

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) promotes the purpose of 1) engaging persons 55 and older in volunteer service to meet critical community needs; 2) providing a high quality experience that will enrich the lives of volunteers; and 3) coordinating volunteer caregiving and wellness activities for homebound elderly and adults with disabilities.

The agency is seeking a full-time Program Director, working on-site at ICGMC office.  Business hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, but position may include evening and/or weekend hours as required.

The RSVP Program Director reports to the Executive Director and has day-to-day responsibility for fulfilling project management duties necessary to accomplish the purposes of the RSVP program in Mercer County in accordance with RSVP regulations and rules established by AmeriCorps Seniors and the commitments and plans set forth in the Interfaith RSVP grant application.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Maintain files, records, policies, data, and procedures specific to the RSVP program.
  • Help establish streamlined grant-reporting mechanisms to demonstrate program outputs and outcomes required by AmeriCorps Seniors. Generate additional, narrative reports as needed, for the RSVP Advisory Board and the ICGMC Board.
  • Participate in implementing all applicable RSVP programmatic regulations. Provide administrative support for the RSVP program, including writing correspondence, handling follow-up activity, managing administrative projects, and serving as primary point of contact for the program.
  • Assist in implementing systems and processes to support RSVP program operations and program administration and spearhead special administrative projects to ensure ongoing, smooth operations for the RSVP program.
  • Ensure that the program is grant compliant and prepare/submit timely programmatic grant reporting based on requirements of the grant and AmeriCorps Seniors.
  • Assist in establishing, maintaining and retrieving program performance statistics that support grant reporting, program analysis, assessment of outcomes, and data for use as benchmarks/indicators of performance and compliance with projected goals and objectives.
  • Represent, recruit and advocate for the RSVP program at outreach activities and events, including setting up and staffing the exhibit table, as needed.
  • Develop new collateral materials as needed, using desktop publishing skills to create hand-outs, leave-behinds, flyers, and other collateral to support outreach activity, community education, and community events for the RSVP program.
  • Contribute to maintaining data to track results of outreach activity and prepare reports and ROE (return-on-engagement) analysis to enable assessment of activities and events.
  • Assist with executing direct-marketing campaigns/mailings to support RSVP-related activities.
  • Deliver oral presentations relative to ICGMC and RSVP to community and professional groups.
  • Assist with Group Leader and volunteer recruitment, training, and supervision.
  • Carry out care receiver intake processes, make assignments of care receivers to congregations/volunteers, make necessary referrals, and provide consultation to care receivers, volunteers and Group Leaders.
  • Assist with and support Group Leader meetings and Community Workshops.
  • Assume other duties as assigned by Executive Director.

ICGMC requires a candidate who possesses strong community outreach, program management, project leadership and communication skills.  He/she must also be able to perform diversified functions such as: writing (e.g. public relations), volunteer management, provision of support services to care receiver, event coordination, grant/program reporting, and public speaking. The candidate must be capable of executing actionable plans to support program goals and objectives.  The candidate must be detail-oriented and able to work independently with little supervision.  The ability to work cooperatively as a team member is essential.  Also required is the capacity to coordinate the resources of AmeriCorps Seniors, the RSVP sponsor (ICGMC), and the community to fulfill the goals of the RSVP program.

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and 2 years relevant work experience or an Associate’s degree and 4 years of relevant work experience.
  • Experience with Federally-funded programs preferred, as well as volunteer organization management and/or non-profit program management.
  • Proficiency in MS Office programs is needed.
  • A driver’s license and means of transportation are required.

Interested parties should email resume to Linda Gyimoty at or call 609-393-9922 for more information.


ICGMC Mission

Interfaith Caregivers of Greater Mercer County (ICGMC), an interfaith coalition, is dedicated to promoting the independence, dignity and well-being of homebound elderly and people with disabilities by matching them with supportive and caring volunteers who assist with the tasks of everyday life