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At the present time our agency has no pending positions.  But please stay tuned for future postings and opportunities to join our dedicated and compassionate team.

Administrative Manager

Position:  The agency is seeking a part-time Administrative Manager.  The position is a 24 hours per week, daytime position, on-site at ICGMC office.

Description:  The Administrative Manager is responsible for coordinating daily operations of the agency, including managing agency and staff communications and files, office and administrative management, donor and special event activities, human relations, financial and grant support activities, as well as reporting and data entry activities related to services and operations.

Reports to the Executive Director with responsibilities for the following areas:

  • Maintain files, records, policies, and procedures for the organization, including HR/Personnel files. Must be proficient in MS Office.
  • Help establish streamlined grant-reporting mechanisms and generate data and project reports as required by granting/funding agencies.
  • Provide administrative support to the Executive Director, including writing correspondence, handling follow-up activity, managing administrative projects, and serving as point of contact on specific projects.
  • Prepare and maintain an administrative calendar identifying critical deadlines and due dates which the organization is responsible for meeting.
  • Conduct vendor evaluations, selections/recommendations, and negotiations to ensure that ICGMC receives the most value for its expenditures.
  • Implement infrastructure systems, software, and processes to support office operations and program administration.
  • Manage and maintain active databases which support ICGMC’s operations, including data for funding agencies/contributors, vendors, community partners, and other stakeholders (excluding volunteers and care receivers managed by Program staff).
  • Assist with preparation and production of the annual report. Proofread and fact-check content which will appear in the report.
  • Maintain adequate stock of office supplies, and place orders to replenish supplies, as needed.
  • Manages office equipment, technology and supplies as needed.
  • Provides supervision of staff support volunteers, as needed.
  • Support development and execution of fund-raising events and activities, including documenting fundraising goals and activities, handling logistics to ensure smooth execution of fundraising activities, tracking results, preparing documentation to track and secure financial commitments, and conducting follow-up, as needed, to secure contributions.
  • Prepare status reports for each fund-raising project including capturing donor data, reporting on outcomes/results, and preparing final summary including narrative and ROI analysis for each project.
  • Maintain/update central fundraising database with donor data, financial data, and appropriate notes.
  • Participate in grant application process as needed.
  • Ensure that the agency is grant compliant and prepare/submit timely grant reporting based on the requirements of the funder.
  • Maintain and retrieve program performance statistics that support grant reporting, program analysis, assessment of outcomes, and data for use as benchmarks/indicators of performance and compliance with projected goals and objectives.
  • Provide special event support including generating pre-show attendee/RSVP lists and collect of registrant data, as well as post-event follow-up and correspondence, and thank-you letters, as needed.
  • Input participant and attendee data in appropriate ICGMC database(s).
  • Ensure compliance with pre-show deadlines for registration and payment; and produce booth/exhibit display, handout materials, and giveaways through promotional vendors.
  • Manages agency communications, including phone, voice mail, emails and Outlook systems, includes reception activities as needed.
  • Prepares and maintains agency correspondence including meeting minutes, and donor thank you letters.
  • Maintain organizational contact information including mailing and email communication files related to funding sources, donors, volunteers and community leaders and service partners. Utilize these updated lists for organizational communication and mailings including distribution of newsletters, annual reports, event materials, annual appeal, etc.
  • Handle other varied duties as requested by the Executive Director.

All candidates should have proven interpersonal and communication skills, knowledge of the issues affecting the elderly and persons with disabilities, and familiarity with community resources.  Other qualifications include:

  • Associates Degree in related field, Bachelor’s Degree preferred.
  • Proficiency in MS Office products, with expertise in Word, Excel, and Access
  • Experience working with/or managing volunteers
  • Experience managing special events logistics
  • At least three years’ experience managing an office, preferably within a non-profit organization

Interested parties should email resume to Linda Gyimoty at or call 609-393-9922 for more information.

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ICGMC Mission

Interfaith Caregivers of Greater Mercer County (ICGMC), an interfaith coalition, is dedicated to promoting the independence, dignity and well-being of homebound elderly and people with disabilities by matching them with supportive and caring volunteers who assist with the tasks of everyday life