Interfaith Caregivers

of Greater Mercer County

Helping home-bound elderly and adults with disabilities

to maintain their independence and dignity

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Serving community since 1994

Services and Wellness Programs

Interfaith Caregivers of Greater Mercer County is a finely woven network of support for the home-bound elderly and disabled adults in our communities.
Our care-giving and wellness services are provided by a dedicated group of volunteers who are recruited, trained and managed by Interfaith Caregivers of Greater Mercer County and our interdenominational coalition.

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Volunteer caregivers provide non-medical support to homebound seniors and adults with disabilities so they may live with dignity in their own homes for as long as possible.

Project Healthy Bones

Seniors at risk of osteoporosis learn the benefits of exercise, nutrition, safety, and lifestyle factors during this exercise and education program.

Community Workshops

Educational programs on the special needs and concerns of homebound seniors and adults with disabilities, open to members of the community at no cost.

Volunteer power in numbers


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See what our volunteers and care receivers say

We get along and just enjoy one another’s company,” says Tom. “It feels like we have created a sense of community that is so hard to find these days, where neighbors look after neighbors and everyone is happier for it.


- Volunteer caregiver


She says that her goal in all these volunteer roles is simply to be “a small light (or voice) offered in love, which brings a smile.”

Mary Lou

- Volunteer caregiver

Doris - care-receiver

I really depend on her and she is so thoughtful and so helpful. She does everything I could ever asked for and she is my sweetheart.


- carereceiver

Judy volunteer caregiver

I’m surprised I have actually helped over 50 people and I can remember all of them. They are in my heart forever. They have given me much more that I’ve given them. To be a volunteer is just one the greatest thing in the world.


- Volunteer caregiver

Care-giving volunteer is a person who is willing to listen, who is not judgmental, who has a heart, who is willing to walk alongside, to serve the elderly. 

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